Are you looking for a practical alternative for fundraising? Niagara Car Wash vouchers offer a new opportunity to:
Professional carwashes are a great way to raise money. Forget the candy, forget the popcorn, and forget the candles! Now more than ever, it is important for our schools to seek practical ways to raise money. We can take the focus away from food and give our supporters a valuable product. Professional carwashes are environmentally friendly and they help your supporters protect their investments. A person’s vehicle is typically their 2nd largest investment behind their home. Let’s work together to create a healthy and happy community.

The best fundraising ideas

What’s the deal?
Our fundraising program consists of carwash vouchers that you will sell to your various supporters.
Each Voucher
Are redeemable for a touchfree carwash at all of our Erie, Pennsylvania Niagara Car Wash locations
Each Location
is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.